HaveBrand is a platform where eligible domain names are sold.

It carries out the sales transaction with 15% commission on the gross selling price. In case of selling at different exchange rates, the exchange rate at the date of sale is valid.

HaveBrand works on a fee-based logo and intro to give you an idea of ​​how your domain name can be used in the buyer, in different sectors. Designs do not aim to have professionalism or give a commitment and sales guarantee on this subject.

Approved domains can not be removed within 1 month. If sold on different platforms, HaveBrand will charge 15% commission on the gross selling price. Legal rights are reserved in this regard.

The buyer requesting payment via the Escrow platform is obliged to pay the commission price set by Escrow. Buyer and seller can make an agreement on this commission fee.

Each domain name has a duration of park 1 (one) month. After this time, your non-sellable domain name can be removed from the sale by HaveBrand.

For a secure purchase, the sales transaction between the buyer and the seller starts with the transfer of the agreed price to the buyer by the buyer. When the domain name takes place, the commission is cut off and the remaining amount is sent to the seller by bank transfer within 3 (three) working days at the latest.

Approved domain names should be redirected to the sales address on our site. Non-redirected domain names can be removed from the sale.

Trademark registration compatibility of domain names should be done in detail by buyer. HaveBrand is a domain name buy / sell platform and is not responsible for any inconsistencies arising from this issue.

If the domain names previously sold for other platforms are sold by HaveBrand, the responsibility belongs to the vendor. Any responsibility of HaveBrand.com for this matter or contracts made with other sales platforms is not binding for HaveBrand.

HaveBrand reserves the right to change the materials mentioned in this agreement.