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This assessment is made based on the number of sectors addressed by a domain name or the number of sub-sectors it hosts, depending on the volume of the sector.



The domain name contains the number of words it contains.



When it is read or presented to the target mass, the pronunciation or spelling mistakes are considered to determine the extent to which the domain name suits.


Brand Value

Brandability is assessed as “Brandable” in terms of dynamics, length status, persistence, SEO analysis, product availability or service availability, age, international availability. This evaluation should not be confused with trademark registration.


International Availability

It is aimed at determining whether the domain name can be presented to the national market or to the international market. The values of a specific language, nation, nation-specific domain names and internationally available domain names are different. International availability creates a value for the domain name.



Higher age of domain name is a criterion that increases the value. As age increases, the domain name is evaluated.


Seo Analysis

Domain names are searched in search engines. This assessment may vary by domain name. Evaluation is based on a single word (generic) or two or more words. The search volumes are measured and an average valuation is subtracted.


Availability of product, service, or geographic name

It may carry a name of a product in the sector that can be used or the name of a particular region with the service name to be presented to the customer. This geographic and product-service analysis is evaluated according to the volume of the relevant industry.

HaveBrand evaluates your domain name according to these criteria and makes the domain name that you find suitable for sale. You may object to your domain name not being accepted or given evaluation score. The objection will be assessed and the objection is not binding on the HaveBrand.